Neon Pegasus, a Parry Gripp music video

"Parry Gripp, lead singer of Nerf Herder, met us at a Don Hertzfeldt screening back in January. After we had some drinks with Don at The Mercury, Parry asked us to join a new project & we eagerly began Neon Pegasus shortly afterward. He wanted us to really express whatever vision we desired. And it was awesome."
-- Benjamin Van Den Broeck

Neon Pegasus was created & animated by Sarah Hampton with graphic effects by Benjamin Van Den Broeck, a film/animation couple based out of North Hollywood. As members of the artist co-op Nebula Media, they produce independent content while working throughout the film industry.

With a total of 3088 layers & over 50 hand-drawn elements, Neon Pegasus can truly be called a labor of love & sparkles.

Follow your dreams!