3D Printing Now Available [New Winter Special!]

A Christmas ornament being printed at .2mm resolution in less than 3 hours.
Thanks to the Bukobot team & our affiliate Wes Brown, Nebula Media now offers 3D printing under our services. This is a powerful tool able to create real-life replications of any 3D model in ABS plastic, the same material used in Legos. 

The object is created layer by layer, like a vertical printer.
Not only is it freakin' awesome, it's also extremely productive & beneficial towards almost any project.

As we need to build up a variety of filament options for our clients, we are running a special that you should not miss! Till the end of January, we will print you any 5" x 5" x 7" object for a flat-rate of $60 + shipping (no labor or setup fee!). Current colors are pink, tangreen, and orange.

Each order lets us buy a new color of filament so be sure to send a request today to:

Don't have a 3D model to print? We'll create one for you or check out Thingiverse.com to "shop" for whatever you like. Get to it!