The Locals: A Year Later

Hello everyone, Ben here. Some of you know me as "Stabbyclaus" on our gaming server. On March 2nd was our 1 year anniversary from releasing Episode 1 "Trolls" to the public & premiering Episode 1 + 2 in Gmod
We are certainly still making episodes. Two of them to be specific. We've already previewed our next episode Girlpower at the end of "Head Space Warriors" on Zeurel's channel and we've shipped the audio for animation. Now it's time to return to the game & have fun slaughtering each other as the artists do their work. Animation can take months to finish but we're aiming to get them out before summer.
I'm in a remanescente mood so let me tell you whipper snappers a story. Long long ago, in mid-July of 2011, I made a forum thread pitching the idea of animating recurring visitors of the J2 gaming community and outlined how to make it happen. And make it we did! The show has taken us to some pretty interesting places, from becoming a YouTube Partner through Machinima (airing 5 episodes) to touring Valve Software and sitting down with our gaming overlords.

I'd like to send out a huge thank you to our fans, the amazing talent of our animators, the players who've sent in gaming footage and the server admins who've managed the massive influx of new players each premiere. We literally couldn't have done it without you all.

I would like to ask anyone who'd want to play with us to follow some of our chatting etiquette while gaming. Specifically, don't narrate your gameplay or relentless hold down your microphone. Just relax and have a good time. Although we allow all sort of chatting, you must respect each other otherwise it'll result in a temporary ban. We are also a hate-free community so your trolling will be scrutinized by its creativity & not by its vulgarity.

We have a special announcement coming soon so be sure to keep up with us here at the website or on the official Local's Facebook Page. Thanks for watching!