Revenge Of The Nerds now online, features cast of ABC's Better Off Ted

We are proud to present Revenge Of The Nerds, a music video by Verbal A.K.A. Malcolm Barrett. Watch it here now!

Shot back in September of 2010, the music video was held from release till Malcolm's newest big screen appearance in "Larry Crowne" would be available in theaters. The time has finally come & we are all so proud to present what we created. The song is the single of Verbal's Backpacker's Guide To The Galaxy, which will also be available on iTunes very soon.

The video is produced by Brooklyn Bound & directed by Desha Dauchan. Nebula Media provided all post-production services for the nearly 5 minute long music video. The crew & cast were a combination of great friends & amazing co-workers; in fact, many members of the crew (and cast) of Better Off Ted are either featured in or helped produce the music video.

So whether you are a BoT fan craving to see the gang re-unite, or an avid hip-hop poetry enthusiast, we believe there is something for you to enjoy. Either way, it's a damn good beat.

Update: The video has been featured on CBS News & Thanks to everyone who shared it on facebook & other social networking sites. On, we also did an "Ask Me Anything" with Malcolm & Jonathan.