The Locals: Episode 1 airs on Machinima

Nebula Media's first animated series, The Locals, premiered today on Machinima & we are waiting to see the initial viewership of the show. So far, the reception seems great with many positive & excited comments. We hope that, with your help by sharing the video, to get many more people & user-contributed gameplay to animate.

Although not the pilot, which airs March 9th, Trolls is a perfect example of the kind of humor locked within replays & .dem files of TF2 & other games. Animated by the extremely talented Zeurel, two "trolls" attempt to wreck havoc on the server. The rest you'll just have to see.

If you have a replay from any game that you think deserves being animated, be sure to read how it all got started & how to submit your replay at the community thread.

Stay tuned next week for Episode 2!