The Locals: The Unholy Ghost airs Sunday

This Sunday, The Locals is proud to present Episode 5: The Unholy Ghost.  

Too Much Spare Time, creator of Spy & Pyro, animates alongside sound by one of the guys from the Archer & Sealab 2021 crew. Both have joined the Nebula team for an absolutely epic exposé of everyone's favorite undead deity. 

This episode embarks a new direction for the series while keeping true to featuring frequent players of the J2 gaming servers and those awesome individuals who send us wicked funny game data (like replays, .dem files, & SFM files.) You all are amazing!

Zeurel is returning along with three new animators Rachel Mitchel, Chris Paluszek, & Peter Turner for (atleast) three more episodes to finish our first season (and year) for the series.

Stay tuned for Episode 5 (coming Nov. 4th)