Upcoming: Revenge of the Nerds by VERBAL

VERBAL's newest album BACKPACKER'S GUIDE To The GALAXY has its first music video produced by Brooklyn Bound, directed by Desha Dauchan & post services (editing, color correction, & visual effects) by Benjamin Van Den Broeck of Nebula Media.

The music video features the song, "Revenge of the Nerds" which is written & performed by Malcolm Barrett a.k.a. VERBAL. The video includes special guest Victor Fresco (executive producer of Better Off Ted) & cameos by Portia DeGeneres (Portia de Rossi), Jay Harrington, Andrea Anders & Jonathan Slavin! Also features Tina Huang & Chris Gardner from The Highs & Lows of Milo Brown.

We'll be sure to update here as soon as the video is released.