Update: NebulaTV beta is live

We are proud to present our first beta of NebulaTV. A a social video sharing & custom YouTube player created by Michael Jolley.

NebulaTV is a social entertainment experiment.

How it works: The audience submits their favorite YouTube videos to a single database which is cycled randomly through the player. While watching, you can vote up or down the video to help decide if it should be kept in the database. Videos are organized by channels & can be flagged for unfavorable content.

At the moment, this is our first build to prove the system is functional. You might have already noticed that because we just began today, our library is pretty limited (which causes repeats.) We really need your help to add interesting & awesome content as we continue to develop & improve the UI.

Update: It's been only a month since we made the our first build of NebulaTV live & we're at 254 videos! This was plenty to get the kinks out of the system. We've also updated the interface to include less repeats & a new submit button. More additions & updates are on the way, please keep submitting new videos!

Update: 504 videos, keep 'em coming!

Update: We've added a multi-segment video option when submitting, now whole shows & movies that are parted on YouTube can be added. 654 videos with some debugging to remove bad links & videos removed by YouTube.